The East Belgium Tourist Agency

Objective: Redesigning the website for The East Belgium Tourist Agency. With years of collaboration with the client, our mission was to modernize their online presence by completely reimagining their website to fulfill its purpose: informing and guiding tourists exploring the region.


Approach : While following the brand's corporate guidelines, we worked closely with the client to create a modern visual identity, meticulously crafted user experience, innovative features and interactive tools to help tourists plan their visit to the region.


UX/UI Design Full responsive Front End Development Traffic Aquistion Conversion Rate Optimization KPI Monitoring SEO Performance Marketing Strategy GDPR Audit




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Logo Ostbelgien
Ostbelgien, East Belgium
Ostbelgien, one of the most beautiful regions in Belgium
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Ostbelgien étapes
Ostbelgien, plan your trip
Ostbelgien Stoneman
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