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"I don't have the necessary experience to handle tasks related to GDPR."

"I'm afraid of getting fined if I violate GDPR."

I know this topic is important, but I have no idea how or where to start.

I'm worried about how to maintain GDPR compliance for my site in the long run.

What e-connect
offers you

  • GDPR-compliant web tools
    Selection and installation of compliant tools tailored to your needs.
  • Fixed costs
    Our packaged offer saves you from unexpected expenses.
  • Keeping up with technology
    Constant monitoring of technological developments to keep your tools up to date.
  • Comprehensive GDPR toolstack
    Our tools cover hosting, analytics, cookie management, and more.
  • Long-term support 
    Our offer includes 2 audits and follow-up meetings per year.
  • Comprehensive privacy policy
    Development and regular updates of your "Privacy Policy" page.
  • Clear action plan
    Our audits result in a clear list of tasks to execute to ensure compliance.

We work with...

tools that provide all the guarantees for optimal compliance. We offer tools and technologies tailored to your needs.


Expert testimonials

  • Europrivacy

    Label européen de protection des données

    Identifier et réduire les risques juridiques et financiers par le biais d’un audit et d’une analyse des lacunes. Démontrer et valoriser la conformité par la certification RGPD. Instaurer la confiance par le contrôle de la conformité.

  • Bérengère Guerrini

    Chargé de marketing B2B chez Newmanity

    A l’heure du digital, où les marques cherchent à susciter de l’engagement, les standards définis par le RGPD ouvrent la porte d’un nouveau rapport aux données et des perspectives nouvelles dans la relation clients.

  • PLR Avocats

    Cabinet d'avocats, Paris

    L'absence de conformité aux dispositions du RGPD, ne sera pas uniquement sanctionnée par la CNIL mais pourra, en outre, engager la responsabilité civile de l'auteur et le condamner au paiement de dommages et intérêts au titre d'un acte de concurrence déloyale.

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GDPR Services FAQ

Any business handling data of European citizens must comply with GDPR, regardless of its geographical location. This regulation aims to protect users' personal data and enhance their control over it. Our agency can help you understand your specific obligations and implement the necessary measures to comply, with controlled costs.

Absolutely. GDPR applies to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses are often more vulnerable to data breaches and can benefit significantly from implementing good data protection practices.

We ensure effective implementation through our personalized approach, taking into account the specificities of each business. Additionally, our monitoring services and long-term support ensure that your business remains compliant with legislative developments.

For an SME, the first step is to conduct an audit of all personal data it processes, to precisely understand what information is collected, stored, and processed. It is essential to ensure clear consent measures are in place and to update privacy policies to comply with GDPR standards. e-connect offers an initial audit to identify compliance gaps and create a targeted action plan that meets the specific needs of your business.

While the GDPR regulatory framework applies to all businesses, the approach to implementation may differ due to resources and structures. SMEs may have less data to manage and less complex processes, which can simplify compliance.

However, the lack of specialized internal resources can be a challenge. e-connect tailors its services to meet the unique needs of SMEs, providing customized solutions that effectively balance compliance and cost.