Objective: Increase Online Visibility and Sales

In the business landscape at the moment, aimed to surpass traditional boundaries by enhancing the promotion of their services through the website. Our strategy was consequently guided by two main goals:

  1. Enhancing Website Visibility: To attract more visitors and increase interest in the offered services, it is crucial to strengthen the online presence of We aim for a significant increase in website traffic as well as an increase in views on the pages dedicated to products, services, and opening hours.
  2. Boosting Online Sales: Simultaneously, optimizing online sales processes is essential to effectively convert traffic into actual sales, with key indicators such as online shop revenue, number of transactions, and ROAS.


Strategic Approach

  • Technology Migration and UX/UI Optimization: We migrated's site to a more robust and flexible platform, accompanied by a redesign of the design and user experience. This upgrade has created a welcoming and efficient environment for visitors, thus facilitating the purchasing journey.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy: By adopting an agile methodology, we work closely with to continuously test, measure, and adjust our campaigns. This approach allows us to quickly respond to trends and optimize our marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Multichannel Campaigns: To improve visibility and drive sales, we deploy targeted campaigns on Google and social media platforms, as well as email marketing campaigns. These combined actions contribute to increasing brand awareness and encouraging repeat visits to the site.


Results and Impact

The strategy implemented for has led to significant increases in both online visibility and sales volume. The growth in web traffic and the optimization of the conversion rate result in tangible revenue growth from online sales.


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