Letzshop.lu - the Luxembourgish Marketplace

Objective: Driving Growth on the Marketplace

Letzshop.lu positions itself as a key platform for online commerce in Luxembourg, offering a local marketplace to support local merchants. Letzshop.lu has set itself a dual ambitious objective to strengthen its market position:

  1. Increasing Online Sales: To stimulate commercial engagement on the platform, we deploy a targeted digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing the number of transactions and revenue generated on the marketplace.
  2. Expanding the number of Merchants on the Platform: Recognizing the added value of local merchants in enriching Letzshop.lu's offering, we implement recruitment campaigns to attract new sellers.


Strategic Approach

  • Agile Digital Marketing Strategy : By adopting an agile methodology, we work closely with Letzshop.lu to continuously test, measure, and adjust our campaigns. This approach enables us to respond quickly to market trends and optimize our marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Sales-Boosting Campaigns: Working in collaboration with the agency responsible for Letzshop.lu's business development, we focus our efforts on creating and optimizing campaigns on Google, social media platforms, and via email marketing to stimulate sales.
  • Merchant Recruitment Campaigns: Through the join.letzshop.lu website, designed and managed by e-connect, dedicated recruitment campaigns have been launched to encourage merchants to join the platform.
  • Letzshop Ads for Merchants Program:  In response to merchants' need for visibility, Letzshop has introduced Letzshop Ads, an initiative allowing sellers to invest in personalized Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns. We handle the entire process: from creation to ongoing optimization of ads, ensuring maximum visibility for merchants and increased engagement from the end consumers.


Results and Impact

Thanks to this holistic and integrated strategy, Letzshop.lu continues to produce significant results, marked by sustained growth in sales on the Marketplace and continuous expansion of the number of merchants. Letzshop.lu stands out as a local platform to initiate and support the economy and merchants through online shopping in Luxembourg.


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